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Group Coaching Sessions - I See the Moon and Gentle Sleep Support


Please read these terms and conditions prior to payment and confirm that these have been read on the intake form.


Thank you for signing up for the Group Coaching Session with Emma from I See the Moon and Steph from Gentle Sleep Support. Support from Emma and Steph is not a substitute for counselling, diagnosis, treatment, nutritional, psychological or therapeutic care, or any type of medical care. Please consult your child’s doctor or other suitably qualified professional if you have any concerns regarding your or your child’s health or wellbeing. 


I, Emma Campari, of I See the Moon and Stephanie Plant, of Gentle Sleep Support, agree to provide group coaching to the participant.


We confirm that we will provide:


  • A pre-coaching session questionnaire to gather information on how best to support you

  • 4 group sessions including, weekly Q&A, information and guidance on how to improve your sleep situation. The times and dates can be found on the website. 

  • A recording of each session will be available for participants until one month after the session. 

  • A form for participants to be able to submit questions on a weekly basis

  • A coaching workbook to be worked through by the participant in helping to set your own sleep goals

  • A 10% discount to any bookings of 1-1 support for a period of 6 months


Fee: £80


By entering into an agreement, the participant agrees to pay the specified fee, discussing any concerns with Emma and Steph in the first instance, and to set and work through their own sleep goals. The participant acknowledges they want to make a change of some sort or some type of improvement to their sleep situation. Change can take time to implement and sustain and the pace of change will vary among individuals and depends on a multitude of factors. For this reason, Emma and Steph are unable to make any guarantees of any particular outcome or result. 


The service offered is educational, informative and supportive. Methods used by Emma and Steph do not use or recommend cry it out, controlled crying, delayed comforting, scheduled comforting, Ferber, graduated extinction, or any other modified version of this. 


Emma and Steph will provide current, evidence based, compassionate, developmentally and age appropriate, respectful information, that does not compromise attachment or responsive parenting. The participant is responsible for choosing which, if any, interventions they would like to take to make changes to their sleep situation. 


Equality and non-discriminatory practice

Emma and Steph promote an inclusive, non-judgmental practice, and will not knowingly discriminate against anyone on the basis of their race, sexual orientation, parenting style, disability, cultural beliefs, marital status or religion. If there is anything you would like Emma and Steph to be aware of, please make this clear before the first coaching session.


Participants are also expected to behave in a non-judgmental way, upholding these values during the session. If at any point, anyone behaves in a way which goes against these, they will be removed from the session. It is important that these sessions are conducted in a safe environment, and Emma and Steph will endeavour to create this.


Scope of Practice

By choosing to sign up to this group coaching, you understand that you will not be told what to do, but will instead be given information, and have so that participants are able to make their own choices and set their own goals. Emma and Steph will be available to support participants with this during the sessions, but participants are responsible in their choice to implement any changes. 


By choosing to work with Emma and Steph, the participant agrees that:

They will work within safe sleep guidelines

They will disclose any relevant medical problem that you are aware of that may have a bearing on sleep

They understand that if Emma or Steph is concerned for the welfare of your child or anyone else, they have a duty to report this to the relevant health and/or safeguarding service in your local area. This will always be with your knowledge, except where the immediate safety of the child takes priority.

They understand that they will be providing certain personal details which are required to be kept. All information is stored on a password protected drive and will never be shared with a third party, except upon mutual agreement (for example, for educational purposes). 

Nothing provided to you as part of this package should be shared with anyone else, including the recordings of the sessions, the workbook or any other materials shared during the course of the sessions. 


Refunds and cancellations

It is your right to cancel at any time, if you do not feel that group sleep coaching is for you. Cancellations up to 72 hours prior to the first session are fully refundable, between 48 and 72 hours 50% will be refunded. No refunds will be issued if cancelled 48 hours before the first session. There is no refund or discount available if you are unable to attend any of the sessions. 


If Emma and Steph have to cancel, an alternative time will be offered but if this does not work for the participant, a full refund will be issued. 


If, after reading your pre-session questionnaire, Emma and Steph feel that a different approach with an alternative practitioner might be better suited to you, they will contact you to discuss this and you will be offered a full refund.


Comments, compliments and complaints

Emma and Steph strive to provide a high quality service. If you have enjoyed working with them, and feel that you have benefitted from their expertise, please consider sending in a review. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the service provided, please contact Emma or Steph directly, who will try to resolve the matter. 


If there is no resolution, you can contact the International Association of Sleep Consultants. Steph is fully insured through Holistic Insurance and the contract is subject to Scots Law with the Exclusive Jurisdiction of the Courts of Scotland. Any claims processed must be dealt with through UK Jurisdiction and the contract is subject to Scots Law. Emma is fully insured through Westminster Insurance and any claims processed must be dealt with through UK Jurisdiction. 


Data Protection

All information shared will be processed as per the Data Protection Act (2018). This will be used for the purpose of ensuring information shared is relevant to share with the participants in the group. Once the 4 sessions have been completed, detailed records will be anonymised for the purpose of education and reference. Your names and invoice information will be kept for a period of six years in accordance with accounting records. All records will be stored securely and password protected. Data shared with Emma and Steph will not be shared with any other party for any reason, except upon mutual agreement.


Confidentiality and Safeguarding

All information shared will be kept strictly confidential under the Data Protection Act 2018, unless there are safeguarding concerns where the safety of a child or adult is of concern. If safeguarding concerns are apparent, it is under Emma’s and Steph’s duty of care to contact the relevant authority, which could include the local authority children’s services, the NSPCC or the Police.

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