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  • Tired of always being the go-to for settling your little one to sleep?
  • Have a partner eager to play a bigger role in settling to sleep?
  • Seeking balance for bedtime, naps, and overnight routines?
  • Worried or anxious about entrusting another caregiver with settling your child to sleep?
  • Wondering how to deal with parental preferences?


If any of these resonate with you, then this is your ultimate guide for introducing another caregiver to confidently and effectively settle your little one to sleep.


Welcome to your guide which will help you overcome parental preferences at bedtime and any other time you settle to sleep. I say guide and not plan because this is so much more than a plan. Yes, I do include practical step-by-step plans for you to implement at your pace, but more than that, with this guide, I hope to pass on as much information, knowledge and understanding around attachment and what to expect as I possibly can. I find that the more we understand about why something might be happening, the better equipped we are to handle the situation and the more grace we give ourselves knowing we’re NOT doing anything wrong.


This guide focuses on the specific challenge of your little one having a preference towards one particular parent for settling at nap time, bedtime and overnight. We’ll look at attachment theories to understand parental preferences, a practical step by step plan to create more of a settling to sleep balance, strategies to get other caregivers involved in the settling to sleep process, as well as understanding when to press pause and looking at other ways we can improve the situation.


This is a truly comprehensive guide in which I hope to cover all bases, for every scenario and that you can access immediately after purchace.



Introduce A Secondary Settler With This 'Mastering Settling To Sleep" Guide

  • Pdf Document + Accompanying Audio Files (mp3)

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