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Gentle and responsive strategies to help families get better sleep.

Emma is a very kind, understanding and thoughtful guide through the overwhelming and exhausting world that is infant sleep. 

- A & W -

Toddler in Bed

If you’re looking for a sleep consultant who really gets to know you, understand your situation, and will create a bespoke plan of action, Emma is absolutely your girl.

- Jo & David -

Are You Ready

To Make Gentle Changes?

  • Has a sleep association become unsustainable?

  • Have naps become a nightmare?

  • Bedtime battles?

  • Waking super early?

  • Night waking becoming too much?

I work holistically to find gentle solutions to help your family get better sleep. No cry it out!

Book in a free 15-minute call to see if we’re a good fit, with no obligations or pressure, promise!

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Working With I See The Moon

I’m passionate about empowering families with tools, strategies, and information on what is developmentally normal infant behaviour around sleep. I really believe that this deeper understanding of what is happening with our little one’s sleep, and why, helps us as parents feel less frustrated at the situation and often better equipped to handle it.

It also makes it easier to cancel out the noise of what society thinks we should be doing and to focus on following our parenting instincts and responding to our little one's cues.

I don’t ever promise that your little one will suddenly sleep 12 hours straight if it’s not something they are developmentally ready for, but I can promise that together: me with my sleep expertise and you as the experts on YOUR little one, we will work on creating a sleep plan that optimises sleep, attachment AND works best with your family dynamics using strategies that you’re comfortable with and never leaving your little one to cry alone.

What To Expect...

Attachment _ Parental Instincts Focussed .png

Attachment & Parental Instincts Focused

Evidence based gentle and holistic strategies .png

Evidence Based Gentle & Holistic Strategies

No Cry It Out.png

No Cry It Out

No judgement .png

No Judgement

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Sleep Diary Analysis

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Follow Up Calls & Emails

More About


Hello! I'm Emma; a certified OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coach (the highest level of training in the UK), and Welsh/Italian mamma to two little boys aged 4 and 2: Arlo and Rudy, and just like you I have experienced the helpless feeling of sleep deprivation, the dark hole of googling "how to get my baby to sleep" and being confronted with so much conflicting advice.


If this is you right now then I can totally empathise and am sending you a big cwtch (a Welsh cuddle!). All I can tell you is that there are gentle ways to improve sleep without leaving your little one to cry alone or going against your parental instincts and you also don't have to wait it out either.

I offer 1-1 support for families looking to get better sleep with friendly, evidence based, non-judgemental advice and guidance. I’ll work with you to get to know you and your little one and create a bespoke sleep plan to suit your family.



“As first time parents, the noise was loud that is was time to let our baby 'cry it out’ after 6 months of constant waking/poor sleep. My husband and I were exhausted and missed seeing each other due to our daughters need for a lot of help to get to sleep and stay asleep. We had become ’ships passing in the night’ as we traded off who was holding her for bed. I knew I didn’t want to follow this well meaning “advice” but was also desperate for some help.


We knew we needed guidance from an outside perspective. In steps Emma. She was a calm and assuring presence from the first email. Each interaction put my husband and I at ease as she helped validate very normal occurrences with our babes sleep.


After our first meeting, she was able to provide insight and a change to our night time routine that literally moved us back to only 1 wake up that night!” It felt wonderful.


While we continue to work on our, now 14 months old, baby's sleep, we feel so much more comfortable with our options and understanding how to respond to her needs. Emma was a life (and sanity) saver for our little family. We truly cannot thank her enough.”

- Jacquelynn & Andrew -


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